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250 starting at $330.00

Let your customers see your best side with premium quality catalog and magazine printing. Or why not get your next year’s calendar printed with all the personal images you choose. Any multi-paged item is printed with the upmost quality in detail at SaltLakePrinting.com.


Amount Size Style Price
250 8.5 x 11 8 Page $330.00
500 8.5 x 11 8 Page $580.00
1000 8.5 x 11 8 Page $800.00
Best Practices when designing your catalog:

Stay true to your brand identity

Designing for dozens of pages may entice you to try many colors and fonts throughout each page, but if you establish or stick to your brands colors, fonts, and layout, your message will compliment your brand. Your logo is the best place to start for brand identity.

Make a compelling design

The first point of engagement for a catalog is the cover. The cover must be aesthetically pleasing but also make it clear what the following pages contain. If the catalog is larger, it’s good practice to include a table of contents and possibly tabs. Your catalog should also include a user-friendly navigation making it easy for your readers to find content headlines.

Include hi-quality photography

The best catalogs include a lot of high-quality visuals that engage readers to dive in deeper. If you are including photos of products, it’s typically ideal to include pictures of these products in real-life settings.

Include Promotions

Creating exclusive or limited offers, will drive the user to engage faster and not put it off. This will definitely get their attention.

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