difference between png and jpg

What Is The Difference Between PNG and JPG?

File types, file types everywhere! PNG? JPEG? What’s the difference?! Although they are both image file types, they have very unique distinctions between them. In this article we’ll dig into just why they’re so different from each other.


In order for each of these file types to make sense to you, you’ll need to understand some key features these file types have to offer. Along with the benefits of each of these file types, they have their drawbacks as well, which we’ll now discuss.

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The Most Effective Uses for Large Printed Banners


One of the best uses of large printed banners is advertising products. There are lots of people that use these in their business, because it’s an easy way to catch people’s attention and get them interested in their product or business. Below are some different ways to have an effective banner that can catch the most attention, and get people excited about what you’re advertising.

Creative Artwork

burger king vinyl banner ad

Try catching people’s attention by putting a creative artwork that make people say “WOW!” The kind you look at and can’thelp but wonder what’s going on

Big Bold Letters!

Use BIG BOLD letters to turn peoples heads. People that see signs with small letters immediately turn away, nobody wants to read a banner that takes to much time away from what they are doing.

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Printing in an Increasingly Paperless World

Paper documents moving to digital documents

I have a philosophical question for you. If a message needs to be communicated through text, do trees need to do the talking? In other words, is there any reason we should print on paper?

It’s a good question and with some good arguments against it. We save trees by going paperless; texting through phones is convenient and quick; and if you’re going to sort through reams of data, using computer programs to organize it all is so much easier.

But hold on, before we jump on the paperless bandwagon, let’s consider what print has to offer that digital can’t. I’ll even throw in some of the risks associated with the datascape to sweeten the deal.

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Seven Ways Print Advertising Helps You Cut Through Increasing Noise

man blocking out all the noise around him

On average, we receive over 2,900 marketing messages every day. That’s a lot of competition for attention – and to truly stand out, you can’t just rely on digital. Using print advertisement is a great way to supplement your other activities: direct mail combined with digital ads can increase conversion rates by 28%. Regardless of whether you’re using video brochures or simple flyers, discover how print advertising helps you cut through the noise to give your customers the right message. Continue reading “Seven Ways Print Advertising Helps You Cut Through Increasing Noise”

Business Flyers, Flyer Printing & More

Flyers Printing Templates - Salt Lake Printing Utah

Flyers can sometimes be confused with a brochure. Both relay information about a particular product, service, or event, both can offer prospective clients additional information about a business, and both are a form of direct marketing. Direct marketing refers to the promotion and selling of products and/or services through physical advertising material. Among the most popular forms of direct marketing material are newspapers, magazines, flyers, and brochures.

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Where can I get some more tips on designing a brochure?

Brochures Printing Templates - Salt Lake Printing Utah

An effective brochure reflects the quality of your business for potential buyers. Make it well-designed and customers can remember you for it, on the other hand, having an ill-designed brochure can easily discourage potential buyers. Creating a simple brochure is relatively easy but creating a stunning brochure involves a little more work. In today’s article, we’ll be presenting some creative tips for designing your next amazing brochure.

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How well will my job match what I see on my monitor?

Man comparing print and monitor - Salt Lake Printing

Getting a print to match exactly with what is shown on the computer monitor can involve some work. While it is certainly possible to achieve accurate color matches between your print and what the monitor shows, to get a perfect or exact match is likely impossible, even with highly-advanced professional equipment. That being said, our goal is to make your prints appear how you want it to. This means we will provide, to the best of our ability, printing results that display as accurately as possible to what appears on-screen.

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Where Can I Get More Info On Image File Types And Resolution?

Picture of some brochures, flyers, pamphlets, business cards, etc.

With all the image file types that exist, plus the many resolution formats images can have, it’s no wonder things can get a little confusing when creating prints for your next event. In this article, we’ll be presenting a collection of helpful links to pages that help explain the resolution and file types for images.

Jessie-Lee Nichols from HubSpot provides an awesome explanation on How And When To Use Different Types of Image Files.

Before we jump into the different file types, let’s first explain the difference between a rasterized image and a vectorized image.

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Eco Friendly – What Does This Mean For The Printing Industry?

two hands holding a eco friendly earth

Paper is something we all use daily whether it’s for your office school or business use, it a very common thing, and that’s why when looking for paper lots of people look for the type that can help the environment as much as possible. The Definition of eco friendly is defined as not being harmful to the environment. So what does this mean for the printing industry? Well, there are a lot of things that it could mean, as far as paper and the products used go. Here I’ll list different things that make a printing industry eco friendly.

Type of paper used

One of the main things that decide whether the paper industry is eco friendly can be the type of paper and brand that they use, for example there are lots of different ways to make paper, and there are also different projects in this method that are helping to use less trees to make paper, like using other things besides the wood combined and therefore using less trees and helping keep a safer cleaner environment. The less use of trees needed to make the paper the more eco friendly the paper is. There are lots of different types of paper that are eco friendly therefore great for the environment. Paper made from waste or recycled items can have huge impact on whether it’s eco friendly or not and make a big difference for the community, in helping save trees.

Recyclable Paper

Why use recyclable paper? Well recycled paper  decides a lot of whether it is eco friendly or not because it can be used again after you are through with it and be put to good use over and over. If a paper is 100% full of natural items and has no harsh chemicals or things that can not be reused it is recyclable and therefore making it eco friendly to the environment.

The terms of recycled paper

These are three different terms of paper that can be used such as pre-consumer waste, post- consumer waste, and mill broke. Pre-consumer waste is material that has left the paper mill but never got to be used because it was thrown out before it could. Post-consumer waste is when paper has been used by a consumer and thrown away to be used again. Mill broke is paper scraps and trimmings from the manufacturer and is recycled in a paper mill. Here you can learn more terms used for recycled paper.

How long will it take to get my order?

How soon you get your order depends on the project and size. Business cards can be printed in 1-2 days, brochures in 3-4 days, while pocket folders typically take 5-7 days, and this if the copies are limited to 1,000. If you request up to 50,000 copies, that can take 7-10 days. Salt Lake Printing makes free deliveries on projects over $100.

What are your operating hours and phone number?

Salt Lake Printing CEO in front of a wall with the printed company name and logo.

Salt Lake Printing is a high-quality, full-service print provider dedicated to presenting the Wasatch Front with a fast and affordable option for all of your various printing needs.

From business cards to banners, letterhead to large format, and everything in between, Salt Lake Printing is the very definition of a full-service print provider. We also offer a highly skilled in-house design team to help create your vision.

Here you can find our address, business hours, and phone number.

Salt Lake Printing Address

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Salt Lake Printing Operating Hours

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Salt Lake Printing Phone Number

You can contact Salt Lake Printing at (801) 731-6124

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