About Us

Salt Lake Printing is a high quality, full-service print provider dedicated to presenting the Wasatch Front with a fast and affordable option for all of your various printing needs.

Our History

Dating back to the invention of movable type in 1439, the printing industry has relied upon innovation. From Johannes original movable type printing press to the first jobbing presses, to the massive 40-inch offset presses, and into the digital landscape we now find ourselves navigating, the key to survival in the printing world has been adaptability. Mark Preece, an outlier of the printing industry in the most Gladwellian sense, understands this better than anyone. Through a nearly 40 year career that began as a letterpress apprentice, included stops running nearly every size and style of printing press, several tours through bindery departments, and inevitably landing in the cutthroat world of print sales, Mark has mastered the nimbleness that is required to thrive in this timeless pursuit.

Armed with this invaluable experience, and with an eye to the future, Mark launched Salt Lake Printing in 2009 as an answer to the bloated and slow-to-adapt printers that were shuttering their doors throughout the Salt Lake Valley. Salt Lake Printing has grown to become a digital voice in an analog era, holding to a firm belief that speed does not have to come at the cost of quality, producing printed product in hours that would have previously taken days, while offering fair pricing and unmatched customer service. No job is too small or too big, too simple nor too complex for Mark and his staff of talented printing veterans. From business cards to banners, letterhead to large format, and everything in between, Salt Lake Printing is the very definition of a full-service print provider. We also offer a highly skilled in-house design team to help create your vision.

Give us a call today and find out for yourself why Salt Lake Printing is the best thing to happen to printing since Guttenberg.

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