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Flyers can sometimes be confused with a brochure. Both relay information about a particular product, service, or event, both can offer prospective clients additional information about a business, and both are a form of direct marketing. Direct marketing refers to the promotion and selling of products and/or services through physical advertising material. Among the most popular forms of direct marketing material are newspapers, magazines, flyers, and brochures.


What is a Flyer?

A flyer is typically a single, unfolded sheet of paper that has one or both sides populated with images, graphics, and information about a product or service. A brochure, on the other hand, usually has one or more pages that can be folded together into a more compact form with images, graphics, and information on all sides.

Flyers for Business

Using flyers for direct advertising can be a valuable asset for certain businesses. This is how businesses will often create brand awareness for their company in a relatively quick manner. Distributing relevant flyers to the right locations helps you to “spread the word” about your product or service and increase audience awareness.

High-quality Flyer Printing

It is important that your flyer is in tip-top shape. The quality of the paper can determine how your potential customers feel about your product or service. Having a strong, sturdy flier can help your business to look and feel more solid and professional. On the other hand, having a floppy, flimsy flyer can make your business appear cheap and substandard.

The quality of the color, design, and layout of your flyer are also important to consider. Having high-resolution images with sharp graphics and text can give your flyer a polished and qualified look for customers.

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