Where can I get some more tips on designing a brochure?

An effective brochure reflects the quality of your business for potential buyers. Make it well-designed and customers can remember you for it, on the other hand, having an ill-designed brochure can easily discourage potential buyers. Creating a simple brochure is relatively easy but creating a stunning brochure involves a little more work. In today’s article, we’ll be presenting some creative tips for designing your next amazing brochure.


1. Understand Your Objective

First, knowing the purpose of your brochure will help you determine the best style, color, and font to use for getting your message across. Will you be creating your brochure for a company event, a concert, or a school play? You want to communicate to your audience with the best design.

2. Understand Your Audience

Know who it is you’re communicating with. Creating a brochure for elementary students will look different than a brochure created for a graduating class. If you want to capture the interest of your audience, it’s important to design with material that relates to them. You can discover the interests, needs, and wants of your audience by meeting with customers, talking with your sales team, or doing a bit of online research on your target audience.

3. Choose The Right Colors

There are a number of articles written on how color evokes emotion for the reader. As a result, color is the important tool for choosing how you want your audience to react when getting your message across. Here are a list of colors and their associated emotions from CreativeBloq:

     Red: Passionate, aggressive, important

     Orange: Playful, energetic, cheap

     Yellow: Happy, friendly, warning

     Green: Natural, stable, prosperous

     Blue: Serene, trustworthy, inviting

     Purple: Luxurious, mysterious, romantic

     Pink: Feminine, young, innocent

     Brown: Earthy, sturdy, rustic

     Black: Powerful, sophisticated, edgy

     White: Clean, virtuous, healthy

     Grey: Neutral, formal, gloomy

4. Be Creative

While many types of brochures exist, the most standard form is a z-shaped leaflet used for promoting company events, a newly developed product, or a campaign or service. Sometimes brochures are a little more creative in terms of folding type. In some cases, having a standard brochure is important, as it reflects the formality of a business. Other times, having a little creativity in folding type, style, and color can be sure to stand out.

5. Use High-Quality Paper

A properly designed brochure is only as good as the paper it’s on. As a result, you may have a fantastic brochure design, but putting it on weak paper can make it appear less valuable. Remember, the brochure reflects the quality of the business, so using a firm, sturdy brochure will make a greater impression on your audience.

6. Make Your Brochure Worth Keeping

Use high-quality paper, with a design that can last a long time. In addition, using the right colors, fonts, and images can make your content all the more valuable. Having a brochure that’s worth keeping will ensure customers remember your business.

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