Eco Friendly – What Does This Mean For The Printing Industry?

Paper is something we all use daily whether it’s for your office school or business use, it a very common thing, and that’s why when looking for paper lots of people look for the type that can help the environment as much as possible. The Definition of eco friendly is defined as not being harmful to the environment. So what does this mean for the printing industry? Well, there are a lot of things that it could mean, as far as paper and the products used go. Here I’ll list different things that make a printing industry eco friendly.

Type of paper used

One of the main things that decide whether the paper industry is eco friendly can be the type of paper and brand that they use, for example there are lots of different ways to make paper, and there are also different projects in this method that are helping to use less trees to make paper, like using other things besides the wood combined and therefore using less trees and helping keep a safer cleaner environment. The less use of trees needed to make the paper the more eco friendly the paper is. There are lots of different types of paper that are eco friendly therefore great for the environment. Paper made from waste or recycled items can have huge impact on whether it’s eco friendly or not and make a big difference for the community, in helping save trees.

Recyclable Paper

Why use recyclable paper? Well recycled paper  decides a lot of whether it is eco friendly or not because it can be used again after you are through with it and be put to good use over and over. If a paper is 100% full of natural items and has no harsh chemicals or things that can not be reused it is recyclable and therefore making it eco friendly to the environment.

The terms of recycled paper

These are three different terms of paper that can be used such as pre-consumer waste, post- consumer waste, and mill broke. Pre-consumer waste is material that has left the paper mill but never got to be used because it was thrown out before it could. Post-consumer waste is when paper has been used by a consumer and thrown away to be used again. Mill broke is paper scraps and trimmings from the manufacturer and is recycled in a paper mill. Here you can learn more terms used for recycled paper.