The Most Effective Uses for Large Printed Banners


One of the best uses of large printed banners is advertising products. There are lots of people that use these in their business, because it’s an easy way to catch people’s attention and get them interested in their product or business. Below are some different ways to have an effective banner that can catch the most attention, and get people excited about what you’re advertising.

Creative Artwork

Try catching people’s attention by putting a creative artwork that make people say “WOW!” The kind you look at and can’thelp but wonder what’s going on

Big Bold Letters!

Use BIG BOLD letters to turn peoples heads. People that see signs with small letters immediately turn away, nobody wants to read a banner that takes to much time away from what they are doing.


Using Small Amounts of Words

When making a banner try using smaller amounts of words like “Grand Opening,” or “Buy one get one free.” using wording like this helps customers know what’s going on without reading through the entire banner to find out.

School and Neighborhood Events

Another effective use for large banners are for things like school and neighborhood events such as an opening night or even a carnaval. Lots of schools use banners as not only a way of advertising but also for encouraging students. You can even use banners as a way of school pride for school sport teams. Below are some tips for using banners for a school or neighborhood event.


Including Information

Printing a banner for a school or neighborhood event has a lot of similarities to printing a banner for advertising and also a lot differences. First off you do want to have big bold letters but you also want to make sure that you include smaller words with enough information for parents or neighbors to

know what’s going on and be able

to have a place to go when they need information. For example if you are having a carnival in your neighborhood you don’t want to say everything that’s going to be in the carnival because it would take to long for everyone to read, so instead you make sure and include an email address that’s valid, a site containing all the activities going on, and a number they can call for more information.

Making the Correct Words Big

Unlike advertising you are going to have more words on your banners. It’s all about which words you want to shine out. In a school setting, you want the school’s name and the activity going on  to pop. So make sure those are the words that are bigger than the other words on the banner.


Banners are a great for your campaign they’re BIG, creative, and easy to make. Running a campaign can be really hard to do but as far as getting your name out there and showing yourself off to public big banners are a great way to get there, and therefore used a lot as far as this area goes.  Below are some tips when using large banners in your campaign.

Get People to know you!

Make sure that the community knows you without even you having to meet them, something like a picture help people to put a face to your name therefore giving them a better chance of knowing who you are.

Give Effective Information

Giving the community a website link including more information about you helps give the community members a better idea of who you are and if your worth voting for. Also adding your social media such as twitter, facebook, and instagram help the community feel like they know you, giving you a higher chance of more votes.