Seven Ways Print Advertising Helps You Cut Through Increasing Noise

On average, we receive over 2,900 marketing messages every day. That’s a lot of competition for attention – and to truly stand out, you can’t just rely on digital. Using print advertisement is a great way to supplement your other activities: direct mail combined with digital ads can increase conversion rates by 28%. Regardless of whether you’re using video brochures or simple flyers, discover how print advertising helps you cut through the noise to give your customers the right message. 

1. Forget cluttered inboxes

In 2017, 269 billion emails were sent and received every day, and it’s expected that by 2021, that figure will rise to 320 billion. It makes email inboxes one of the most competitive channels to market to. With print ads, you don’t need to rely on people reading your emails, and instead, send them something far different. People are likely to get far less post through the mail than emails, giving you a higher chance of it being read. Plus, once you start attracting and engaging people through print, they’re more likely to look out for you in their inbox – if you’re creating good enough content.

2. Create high value ads

With print advertisements, you can easily show your audience how much they mean to you. Choosing thicker paper or quality additions like embossed fonts or glossy finishes gives your final asset a classy look. It’s a small design choice that has a huge impact, and quickly turns average content into something incredibly special. People are more likely to pay attention to high quality goods, so you’ll cut through the rest of their mail or leaflets very quickly. And according to aRoyal Mail survey, 17% of people felt valued by a brand that sent them emails – while 57% say the same about being sent direct mail.

3. Take advantage of being different

In an increasingly digital world, using print makes you stand out. You can bypass the thousands of emails, banners and social posts, and deliver something unique to your audience. The benchmark for email open rates stands at around 20%.Yet up to 98% of people look through their direct mail every day. From how you deliver it to the asset you give them, you can take advantage of being different – and therefore breaking away from your competitors.

4. Reach audiences at better times

You know what it’s like when you get emails through – either you’re too busy to read them or you’ve switched off for the day. Print advertisements let you speak to your audience when they’re more likely to pay attention. From bus or train adverts on their commute, to adverts in newspapers or magazines, you can reach people when they’re relaxed and more likely to read and absorb what you’re saying. In fact, 86% of bus passengers in the UK can spontaneously recall bus advertising – so it’s worth exploring other print avenues.

5. Integrate video

One of the easiest and best ways to use print advertisements to cut through noise is by incorporating video. Businesses that use video in their marketing grow their revenue 49% faster than those that don’t. You can give your audience much more insight into your message – whether it’s showing your product in more detail or telling them a better story. Plus, consumers are 85% more likely to purchase once they’ve watched a video about the product – so it’s well worth incorporating it.

6. Be remembered for longer

While you’re browsing the web, you may come across various ads and banners that interest you. But if you don’t take action straight away, by the time you can discover more, they’ve probably disappeared. With print advertisements, you guarantee permanence. Your audience doesn’t have to trawl through websites or emails to find your offering. 57% of customers say they’re more likely to remember what they’re sent through the mail – and 18% keep it to refer to it at a later date. With a physical copy of your mail or flyer, they’ve always got you to hand.

7. More freedom to be creative

Digital content, especially social posts, emails and banners, has very tight restrictions on what you can and can’t do. When it comes to print, you’ve got the freedom to send your audience whatever you think will resonate. You can be as creative as you want – giving you a higher chance to be remembered. According to a study by USPS, 55% of people look forward to seeing what they’ve received in the mail. So, whether you’re sending a glossy event invite, or a highly personalised brochure, you can push the boundaries and give your audience something truly memorable, and something they’ll really value.

Article written by James Phoenix from Vidioh.