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250 starting at $50.00
You have that special message everyone needs to know about! We got the resources and have you covered to make sure everyone does. Get your mailing campaign jump started in full throttle when using SaltLakePrinting.com’s postcard printing service.
Amount Size Style Price
250 4 x 6 Full color both sides $50.00
500 4 x 6 Full color both sides $60.00
1000 4 x 6 Full color both sides $70.00
Get the most out of your postcard printing:

Create a headline that hooks them

Have you ever heard the saying, “Less is more”? Well, with postcards, this is absolutely true. If you can make your message clear and to the point, you don’t need to surround it with content that may distract from your point.

Create an offer

Creating exclusive or limited offers, will drive the user to engage faster and not put it off. This will definitely get their attention.

Know your audience

Understanding who it is you’re targeting will help make your message clearer to that target.

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